All Quiet On The Radio Front

Not been doing much with radio of late I have instead been developing other interests.

However I still hold my license and I still use the radios occasionally. I have no plans to give up radio.

But there is no new content on the site.  It still stands as an Archive of our previous activities.

I don’t do clubs any more. Clubs of any kind and definitely not radio clubs. As I have not had a positive experience of radio clubs and once I had my license I really didn’t want to remain with some of the people any longer than I had to.

I wont be doing the Advanced until it is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  I admit that I am a bit disenchanted that not many folk want to use radio as it was intended to be these days, for self learning and experimentation. I feel this should be encouraged not only by clubs but by the powers that be.

Ok I am going to put my cards on the table. I have absolutely  no time at all for the RSGB. They have not earned my confidence and I gave them plenty of opportunities, They are just a business nothing more. I do not believe they actually have any interest in radio other then financial and what they can screw of Radio Amateurs.  They are given far to much undeserved credit in my opinion.

I do have a project to get on with, but it is one of many and there are other things that are taking up my time at the moment. The main radio project I have on the go may get started this winter though.


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