All Quiet On The Radio Front


Not been doing much with radio of late I have instead been developing other interests. However I still hold my license and I still use the radios occasionally. I have no plans to give up radio. I am just giving it a rest for now and letting other pastimes take precedence.

There is no new content on the site and has not been for some time, but it still stands as an Archive of our previous activities and I like to think our achievements.

I don’t do clubs any more. Clubs of any kind and definitely not radio clubs. As I have not had a positive experience of radio club locally and once I had my license I really didn’t want to remain in the company of some of the people at that club any longer than I had to.

I wont be doing the Advanced until it is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century And in the unlikely event it ever is, I will perhaps then take and pass the Advanced exam when and if it is relevant to modern day radio usage etc. I do no feel it is at the moment. And sadly many people are very proud of achieving their full radio license, which in many cases is sad individuals  and it tends to be be used mainly for boast factor and frankly in many cases it is probably the only dubious achievement some people have ever had.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose. The only time though you will ever seem me attend a club now is to take the exam, if I ever feel it is relevant or necessary. I will not be returning to that club once I have the license. As clubs have a tendency in my opinion to take you in a direction you do not necessarily want to go. For example totally Contest orientated or contest like events (Which I loathe. and have never wanted to be involved with ever) I would rather do my own thing than be manipulated by others.

I admit that I am more that a bit disenchanted that not many folk want to use radio as it was intended to be used these days. For self learning and experimentation. I feel this should be actively encouraged and  not only by clubs, but by the powers that be. I have been fortunate in knowing people who have been prepared to push the envelope rather than stick to the same tired old routines.

Ok I am going to put my cards on the table. I have absolutely  no time at all for the RSGB. They have not earned my confidence and I gave them plenty of opportunities.  And in every case they have blown it, as they just don’t want to know. They are just a business nothing more. I do not believe they actually have any interest whatsoever in radio other than financial and what they can screw out of Radio Amateurs.  They are given far to much undeserved credit in my opinion.



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