2015 A quiet year


This year I and the the group I am associated with M0LFG Leicester Fun (Radio) Group have had a bit of a gap year. It wasn’t planned that way, but it just worked out that way. I and the group do not intend to involve ourselves in doing the same round of events every year. Which is not to say we wont do them again, but we may do them every other year or so. We don’t want to be tied to any routine that we feel obliged to continue with.

Most of us have little interest in contests, In fact I fall into the catagory of loathing the things and contest like events. So if a contest is on (when isn’t one on these days) you are unlikely to hear me on air. I just can’t see the point and it all usually, but not quite always becomes the case that the more KW some stations can pump out, they stand the best chance. and I feel it is becoming a contest of I have a bigger feck of amp than you do. I believe any fool can turn up the power and walk all over legitimate radio opertors so I see no skill in this at all.  Not very gentlemans agreement is is? I also think most contest operators could do with good long lesson in radio proceedures and etiquite. Sadly though the fact remains that legitimate private operators who are not into contest like events, quite often can’t get on air because of these contest like stations obliterating the bands. I feel much more control needs to be excercized over these contest, but I know it wont be.

A few of us wanted to run qrp from our bikes, but this didn’t happen for a number of reasons.

I don’t do clubs anymore for reasons I will not go into here. The only time I would go to a club would be in the unlikely event I wished to sit my advanced exam and it would only be one hit for the exam and then not go again. Can’t be arsed with the internal polotics of clubs and I am sure some clubs are better than others in this respect. Wouldn’t be dificult from my previous experience.

I have a winter project of the mark II go box which will keep the same facilities, based on the FT 857 as before, but will be more modulator making it easier to service and maintain.

I fitted out an old aluminium case that was surplus to requirements  with foam to accomodate the FT-187,  but It is still subject to alteration at the moment, as I have other components I want to add apart from the radio tuner and my wonder wand equiptment. It is at the moment a work in progress, but pictures will appear here in due course.




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