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  1. You have always been able to ask where your shortcomings were in the exam. However I suspect that only the few that fail enquire, otherwise who is interested?

    The national pass rate is around 70% and the ones who have studied via distance learning average a pass rate of 90%.

    I like the comment I could pass it!!!!! Why not give it a go?




  2. I have had this discussion with you before Peter and I still have all the course notes and mails from the course. It was YOUR words that I could pass the exam. Not mine I am just echoing your sentiments.

    It is obvious to me that you and I are never going to see eye to eye on this to me pointless subject. An exam that even though my wife has passed her exam and I am proud of her for doing so, I feel absolutely no inclination to join her on the final tier of the exam. Unless and until there is relevance to it. I feel there is not at the moment. I stand by everything I have said.

    There is a difference of opinion amongst members of the RSGB on what the pass rate is. You can’t even get your facts straight on that. I only report the difference, I do not say this or that is so. In fact the difference in numbers was mentioned to us when 2 RSGB examiners oversaw a foundation exam that I ran with 2 others. Of these 2 other tutors One was a full licence holder and the other was and still is a 2e0, both understand and accept my thoughts on the Advanced, Why can’t you?

    I have all the credibility I want Peter. If people need me to be an advanced exam holder to treat me with any credibility I don’t really want to be involved with such shallow people. I am certainly not going to pander this sort of attempted blackmail and if people need to know I have this out of date piece of paper in my pocket to treat me with any credibility I can live happily without credibility from these cretins. Its a stupid statement Peter. For god sake m8 grow up m8.

    A piece of out of date paper does not credibility make. Again I have told you this before. You seemed to take it as a personal insult when I said I do not want to sit the exam, it was not and indeed I asked Steve to pass my thanks on to you.

    I knew by week 5 looking forward that to me it was a waste of my time to do this course and that I didn’t want it or need it, I could find absolutely no motivation to do this exam. It was just a complete irrelevant bore as far as I am concerned and furthermore I didn’t think it was worth the study or the expense. but I knew had I said this is not for me and dropped the course then. Julia would almost certainly have done so as well. Then instead of one pass from our household you would have had none.

    The point is I DO NOT WANT OR NEED THE MO call sign. I maintain it is still shockingly out of date and largely irrelevant and I see no point in studying for an exam that I will never use beyond the 2 hrs of the exam. Maybe when it is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century as has been threatened for some time. I will look again until then I am not interested.

    And finally not all, but it is my experience many people who pass this exam never use it anyway and it is just used as a Boast factor. When you question these people most of them have forgotten most of what they learned anyway, showing just how relevant the exam is and how often what you learn will be used.

    Finally Peter I have never had anything against you and I have always respected your thoughts, All I ask is you respect other peoples thoughts and mine as well. Fine you don’t agree with me, well that is your prerogative and that is Life. I can respect your opinion even if I don’t agree with it. Do me the same courtesy.

    Finally Happy Christmas Peter and happy new year to you and everyone who runs the course in Bath.


    Sorry i don’t agree,Saying such things is what makes all those M6s etc say that we are all snobs, there is no difference other than we took hardy tests because we wanted to and i for one do not class myself any better than any one else, i think its a foolish comment to make

    Just my opinion of course


  4. A bit late with this reply but oh well.


    This is one of the biggest problems I see.

    Credibility needs to be earnt, not by a peice of paper, but by a way in which you conduct yourself when you key up.

    Being a full licence holder proves you can pass the exam. It does not prove you know or understand radio technology, It does not prove that correct radio procedure is followed only that it may be understood. Nor does it prove that the call is any better than anyone else. I hear just as many crappy full license holders as I do foundation.

    Quite simply to be told by the tutor when I did my foundation exam, that its perfectly fine to run 400W if I want, just turn it back down to 10 if the ofcom knock on the door just shows how messed up this hobby is.

    I am quite young by this hobbies standards, and what interests me is what interests many new entrants to the hobby. Things such as…
    Real Digi Modes, Audino, RaspberryPi, Microwave communication, Moon and Planatairy bouncing, WAN, surface mount electronics, circuit design, microprocessor development as well as many other things all intertwining with radio. And whilst most people will apreciate there is a place for the ways of the old. The failure of the people who should be role models within this hobby to adapt, understand and impart knowledge is what as far as I am concerned has killed this hobby.

    And yes, I do feel that as of this moment. This hobby is on a downward spiral. We will end up beign secondary use on a lot of frequencies. The airwaves are in short supply ladies and gentlemen. We are not exactly priority users. Our failures to adapt and change is our downfall. And with the fact that there is very little encouragement for younger people to partake in this hobby it in it self will fall silent key just like the majority of its hobbiests.

    I have to lay praise here to G4ZTD, M6PYG and 2E0SVT in this instance (regardless of any current rivalrys), Their encouragement in SSTV in my early days made things fun, But unfortunatly its the “Club” environment that has killed the hobby for me.

    Another one of the biggest problems I see currently is “Clubs”. They at least for me appear to be one of 2 things.

    1: “Contest Club”. Sorry but I like to ‘speak’ to people on the radio. I would have far more respect if people stuck to the contesting areas of the band but THEY DO NOT.

    2: “Tea Club”. Everyone seems to just sit around and chat about how things should be and puts the world to rights. Its just a shame that those who are supposed to organise things could not arrange a piss up in a brewery, but could spend 10 hours talking about how they ‘Could’ do it. Yes the occasional talk comes along, and yes the occasional newcommer comes… and prompty dissapears.

    But the above for me really boils down for me to the following…

    There are far more foundation license holders who are far more technically adapt than most of the full license holders.

    Some of the full license holders want to hold on to their glory becuase its all the could ever do with their life and actually genuinly believe its an achievement in life. Thats not to say that it is always the case, but it does sure seem that way.

    Those foundation holders realise that this is the case and figure there are better off just doing their own thing, or just quite simply not bothering.

    So I come back to this…

    Actually in my experience it is completly the opposite. Full license holders are often held in disregard, Seen as stubborn stuck up folk who are killing the hobby. Those who have forgotten what radio procedure actually is and where the word experimentation has completly gone.

    They have forgotten the roots of the hobby. EXPERIMENTATION not just communication.

    So quite simply, If anyone is a full license holder who thinks in the slightests that they are better than a foundation holder or judge that a full license holder is any more credible than a foundation holder upon hearing their call sign. THEY ARE THE REASON THIS HOBBY IS DEAD!

    I think…

    The exam structure needs desperatly changing with the times, this is not 20 years ago and a lot has happened since.

    In my opinion:
    Foundation : As it is. Its easy and a nice barrier to have.
    Intermediate: After a period of time and ability durin that time to fully understand correct radio procedure and wave form structure.
    Full: Do be able to demonstrate an understanding of all of the above, show it fully in practice as well as demonstrate how to set up and understand the instructions of a newly purchased unfirmiliar transceiver. As well as completly undestand some basic antenna designs including building and configuration.

    In addition what should be there to allow ANY license holder to experiment on certain bands with what ever non ecrypted communication they like or create and extremly limited bands amoung HF, VHF and UHF for self made equipment…. Is a test that shows that the user can keep their bandwidth in check and know how to fully test the RF output of their equipment. This would be in addition to the above licensing but as the user progresses would allow increasing access. Of course with the modern age, All communication methods would need to be open sourced and this would need to be understood in the exam.

    There for, if you just want to chat around the world, why do you need to prove more than what you need to know.

    And if you want to experiment, tinker, Then you need to know how to make sure you are not getting in the way of anyone else.

    Contesting club calls and radio clubs need to be completly differenciated.
    Clubs need to be assessed, based on some form of technological standard.

    And if anyone tells me that my opinions do not count because I am just a foundation holder, they have completly missed the point.

  5. I agree with you on this, I was a Royal Signals Radio Operator for 9 years and didn’t need half the radio theory that is in the Advanced course (I am taking the exam on Sunday to see if I can still do it!) it allowed me to operate in other countries without restriction Voice, Morse at 20 WPM.

    • Good luck Les. I was only taking the exam to help with the club I used to belong to with the training. I would have gained no practical benefit from the exam myself. I much prefer qrp myself, But this club? decided to be complete arseholes and that resulted in not just me, but three of us in total walking out on the training team. Leaving them to get on with it on thier own. It was obvious that they didn’t want our help, so we just made it easy for them. Its a pity it is so out of date and largely irrelivant these days and still seems to me to be largely an exam for an exam sake and to bring in money for the RSGB I supopose. But good luck on Sunday I am sure you will be OK.

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