Foundation Book

7 New M6 call signs

I have now with a team of people had a pretty successful foundation course and exam.

8 students went through the course which we decided we would do in 7 weeks rather than 6 weeks. We decided that 6 weeks seemed a bit tight to convey all the necessary information that we wanted to impart.

4 of us were on the training team and I for one learned a great deal from this course and the other tutors. A very good team developed out of the course. Even though for much of the course I was feeling decidedly unwell.

Foundations Students Passes

But out of our 8 students 7 of them passed and passed well. The chap that didn’t pass was unlucky and even though it did not affect him, the presence of the RSGB visiting us, did I think to a greater degree than he will admit intimidated him.

I however have nothing but respect for the RSGB inspectors who were very helpful to me as a new assessor.

The chap that did not pass this time needed a reader and he and the reader had trouble reading the data booklet that comes with the exam. I pointed out he was not alone in this problem and we had a young lady a couple of years ago who failed because she could not read the data sheet.

I must give credit where credit is due and the RSGB representative brought this problem to the RSGB exam committee and it seems solutions have been found for the next time this student sits his exam.

I am convinced he will pass next time. Had things gone to plan and he hadn’t had a bad day. I am convinced he would have passed his exam.

However someone has tried to cast doubt on this students ability to pass the foundation exam. I am absolutely certain and have no doubts he can pass and pass well, given the correct guidance. If he doesn’t get the guidance he needs, he may not pass and I have to say I have little confidence in the trainer/s who is/are attempting to train him now, one of whom is incidentally the same person who made the comment, that he doesn’t think this student can pass. I point out there  is no such thing as a bad student. but there is such a thing a bad trainer.

I have already spoken to 4 of the new M6’s on air and they will all be fine, given time to get used to using the radio.

Latest News

I resigned as a secretary of this club in a vote of no confidence in one of the committee members, but I was asked to and agreed to with our original team and one new trainer, run another foundation course. I however put a proviso on this, in as much as I would do so, only providing a certain member of the committee kept his snout out and if he was involved in any way, I would boycott the training.

The silly games then begun, they are like infantile children and they started trying unsuccessfully to call our course results into question. Our course attained a 90% pass mark, 8 students, 7 of whom passed, overseen I might add by RSGB representatives. Their course attained a 50% pass marks, 8 students. 4 of whom passed,  2 of these 4 people who had passed, had come directly from our foundation course, so it sure sounded like sour grapes to me, anyway we felt we had nothing to prove, but this invented game was used as an excuse for this control freak of a man to parachute himself in to our course and become involved in our course.

My feeling is he wanted to take credit for our training. In the past he has done nothing except sit on his arse, but he has claimed his involvement in things that some of the rest of us have achieved.  I am personally not in the business of flattering his ego. Therefore I  wanted nothing to do with him and we all 3 of us refused to work with him.

I don’t feel I had any choice, except to declare myself unavailable to run this course.  It seems the others agreed with me, as they to declared themselves  unavailable for this course as well. Whoever is dealing with future courses at this club is now nothing whatever to do with us. But unfortunately as always the ones who suffer are the students. I regret this, but I really don’t see that I had any choice. Presented with similar circumstances again I would make exactly the same decision.