My Links

Here are links to some of the web sites I use all the time or at least on regular intervals.

Storm tracker

images 2, 3, 4 and 5 provided by and image 7 provided by

Storm tracking web site based on the Isle of Wight where lightening strikes can be seen and it is a good indicator of when it time to pull out the antenna coax from your radio

kelvinKelvin G4ZTD’s site a lot of useful stuff here, like manuals and Kelvin has made many of his own training aids for all classes of licence.

Knights Electrocom

Knights electrocm. Primarily a CB specialist, but they do a lot of Ham radio gear. Two of my radios including my HF set came from them.

Fun radio Group.

A local group of radio amateur friends have got together to form this our own group. We do not accept memberships, we are not a club and we are primarily a group of friends who got together to do things with radio that was not being catered for anywhere else.


409shop1Chinese radio gear supplier. They have proved reliable to me and have bought quite a bit of stuff from them over a couple of year period. 2 weeks to ship to UK seems t be the common time frame.


Chirp Programming Software

Chirp Latest Builds

Radio Programming software Link to the Daily Builds Page

Download latest free version of Ham Radio Deluxe 5.2 here

Amateur Vertical Antenna Calculator


My own long term dog site.

bannerMy site about the motorcycles I own and I have owned.

logo_anchorAnchor supplies in Nottingham. Going through a reorganisation at the moment, but bear with them, they seem to be truly Radio Amateur friendly though.