My Disclaimer

All content on this site is approved by me. I am not in the business of pandering to people who don’t agree with my thoughts Ideas and comments.

I respect other people’s views and they of course have a right to a different opinion to me. They can always publicize their own ideas thoughts and comments by having their own web page, just as easily as I have. It is after all not exactly expensive, or difficult these days.

Surely if you land on a site and you do not agree with or like the opinions expressed on that web site, which is of course your right. Why continue reading it all. Why not just say OK this site is not to my taste and move on. It isn’t exactly rocket science is it?

I have to say this. No one is forcing anyone on to my pages. You can leave just as easily as you entered. I am not in the business of forcing my opinions down anyone’s throat. Visitors take or leave my opinions. Surely that is healthy. To see things from many prospectives.

So if I have offended anyone with my own thoughts ideas and opinions. I don’t really see that as being my problem.

Any whining mails suggesting I shouldn’t think this or that. Will be given due consideration for about 2 seconds before I hit the delete button. I am not interested in self appointed thought police.

I am an Englishman and I am afraid in a lot of ways I adhere to old fashioned ideals. Treat this site like the old adage “An Englishman’s Home is his castle” and when in Rome do as the Romans do, or leave, the choice is yours.

That is how you should view my site. Show me the proper respect and I will do you the same courtesy and remember you are in my home on the net and my own rules apply here as do my own codes of conduct and common decency.

If you cant handle this. The Bye Bye, thanks for stopping by.

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