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(Special thanks to the RSGB dor doing absolutely nothing about this as usual. They could at the least publicized the dangers of this site)

I would like to mention this site and I would suggest all radio amateurs check to see if you have had an entry added about you on this site by the site owner.

A friend in Biggin Hill mentioned that this chap was transmitting using RTTY on 2om on a constant loop advertising his site. In this country that is against the rules anyway, but I can’t speak for the rules in the country he is in.

So being curious I went and had a look and to my surprise I found both my call signs were on this site and so were many of my friends. This I would not have minded, but my full postal address and personal details copied from QRZ (He denies this but it has been proved he has filched info from QRZ) and other places and all our full postal addresses were all there out in the open for everyone to see. I did not give this character permission to use my data and as it transpires nor did any of my friends.

Now to cut a long story short I mailed him and asked him to remove all data on me and he did so, reluctantly. I had to ask him twice to remove my m6 call. But I will be checking periodically to make sure my wife’s call sign and details do not appear and nor does the information for our group call. Many people including myself have told him he is treading on eggshells, but he will not listen. He doesn’t seem to care and makes out the people who ask for their calls to be removed as the villains of the peace. Many people wanted him taken to court under European law and he has come very close to being taken that route, but not I hasten to add by me.

I understand you now have to log in to see the full details. but they should not really be there at all, unless added by the call sign owners themselves

The RSGB just did not want to know unsurprisingly , no money in it for them is there? They said as he is based overseas there is nothing they can do apart from advice people to have him remove their data. This is yet another reason why I will never join the RSGB. Every time I have known anyone to ask them for any help (and I have known a lot of people ask them for help only to have the usual bullshit and eventually they say that they can find no record of being asked to do anything) they are just not interested they only care about money and not the Amateurs the say they are there to help. I have seen absolutely no evidence they help anyone except themselves to the contents of radio amateurs wallets. I have been on to this business for some time and no way I would give this organisation 50 odd quid a year to do absolutely nothing. Of course if they told the truth and said we don’t give a damn about radio amateurs they are just a meal ticket as far as we are concerned. I doubt they would have many members left.

I would be curious to know though that of all the people who signed up last year for a £1 how many have renewed? I know a few who refused to stump up he £50 after their £1 membership year. So I would guess not many will be prepared to pay £50 to become members of this company? Especially as they can’t even give away membership at the moment a least they couldn’t a the Newark show.

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