Fun Radio Group (Leicester) is born



Left to right Mike M6MDR, John G1LTJ, Steve 2E0SVT, Kelvin G4ZTD, Nessa M6NES, David 2E0DFJ, Julia M0LAJ

Our new group Fun Radio Group (Leicester) is of to a fantastic start.

It seems that I need to make it plain once again that the fun radio group is just that, A group. We are not a club and we do not deal with training or anything you would expect a club to deal with. Most of us loathe contests and we do what we want to do when we want to do it. We have had a gap year this year (2015) because we did not want to repeat events as the same yearly cycle of regular radio event. This is not for us. We want to be doing new and interesting things rather than repeating what we have done before. Which is not to say we will not repeat events, but we don’t want to do the same event year in and year out. It seems some people have got the wrong end of the stick as to what we are about and it seems it needed clarifying.

Pictured above is a few of us at a local privately owned miniature railway, where we were privileged to have permission of the owner to take over his signal box and transmit from there for the day.

It was a fantastic location and the railways owner who is also a radio Amateur seem to have enjoyed our visit as much as we did.  The railways is a fantastic achievement by the owner, built up over more than 20 years and we are grateful to have been allowed to share in the achievements of his hard work over all those years.

IMG_1772We had people arrive and leave all day long, as they fitted in visiting the railway around their own commitments and we are pleased everyone made the effort and it seems enjoyed themselves for as long as they could be there.

This is the point we are not bullying people to come along and spend x amount of time with us. We understand life has its commitments for all of us and we have to fit in what we can, wherever we can.

We are by choice  deliberately only a small group of radio Amateurs encompassing all 3 license holders. That was formed because we wanted to do things that the club some of us were involved with at the time didn’t seem interested in doing  (they didn’t seem interested in doing anything that meant some of them getting of their arse in my opinion.) Or they just wanted to do their routine Special Event Stations, which usually degenerate to a numbers game anyway.

Some of us are bored with the same old events at the same old locations year in year out. For example the club have contact with a local museum. It is a good venue,  but they are running events from this venue 4  times a year. Which explains why the interest has been waning year after year.

So fun radio Leicester was born.  We are in some cases a breakaway group. but we are deliberately  a small group, primarily a group of friends sharing radio as a common interest and we come together as friends who want to do our own thing with radio. We took our time setting this project up and we are all understandably proud of how it has developed from just an idea many months ago.

Steve, John and Kelvin Playing radio

Steve, John and Kelvin Playing radio

We have been moving slowly and we do not want to run before we can walk. We are a private group and we do not just accept everyone who may request to join us. People join us only on consultation with all of us and is by invitation only. So please do not contact me, or any other member requesting membership as it will be refused. It is a case of don’t call us, we will call you.

Our emphasis is encompassed in our name. Our main criteria is to have fun with our radios. Most of us have little if any interest in competition radio of any kind.

We now have our own group call sign, thanks to 3 of our full members who sorted the call out for us with OFCOM

In my case competition radio was not the reason I studied for my license and it is my choice to remain a 2e0 rather than sit the exam for a M0 call (An exam I know I could pass, but I just don’t want,  or need it.) No I wanted my license to talk to people for more than 20 seconds. I am personally not interested in x number of calls in y time period. I just want to talk to people on the radio for as long as we want to talk.

I have mentioned field days in the past and ended up having a row with an RSGB member who insisted that they had to be 24hrs or 48 hrs. He could not seem to get it through his head (deliberately I thought) that I did not want to do a field day organized by the RSGB, but a field day organized by me and perhaps a few friends, that consisted of me in a field somewhere (with the owners permission) for as long as I/we wanted to transmit. Perhaps just daylight hours, perhaps longer. The point being it is our decision to make. Not the decision of someone else, or the RSGB.

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