2e0svt's independent web site and its Future if any.

This is the group at beacon hill having their first outing.  A shakedown of my newly created go box. Which it turned out had a few minor glitches at the time.  However we were clear of the noise floor we had at our home location so we had a few decent contacts.

Sadly 2 people in this picture are no longer with us.

As to the site. it has been constantly attacked since its inception, but  they never managed to crack the site.  my server did that for me when they did an upgrade of their systems and the site no longer worked after that. It was not possible fort me to fix the problems. everything that was on the site i stand by and everything we stated regarding the Leicester club was true. i do not forgive or forget things like that.

I could have started again from scratch but i now longer use the radios now. i keep them just in case things change, but we are still plagued by noise floor issues and i am afraid to say unless younger folk take up the hobby and use the radio it may well end up as the case of use it or lose it

And beside i have moved on. I am not the same person i was a few years ago and have other interests now which frankly are a lot higher priority for us than Amateur radio is. So i have decided  to park this site i have no plans to update it, but then who know what the future will bring.