Home security

With all the silliness going on at the moment I thought I would take the time to inform that my property is monitored by 24hr recorded cctv. This includes all around our house, neighbors properties (at their request) and our vehicles. My footage has a number of times been used to convict wrong doers.

The house is alarmed as are my outbuildings, which is armed whenever we leave our property and overnight. We also have a dog who does not like strangers and is very protective of us and what she regards as her property. She is not a guard dog, but anyone she doesn’t know would be taking a chance of arguing with her, which I would not recommend.

The police know and it is on record that I will use any means available to me to remove intruders from my premises and it is perfectly legal for me to do so, under the bill of rights and other less potent legal mechanisms as well.

I will not of course aim to kill intruders found on my property without authorization, unless of course I feel I have no choice, but I will aim to permanently disable any intruders. And I will have no remorse whatsoever about doing so.

The way I see it is intruders will have made a conscious decision to illegally enter my property or attempt criminal damage they will have to suffer the consequences of their decision. So any hurt caused to them will be self inflicted and totally avoidable by keeping away from our property.