Radio Club Bullying ***UPDATE***

Well it seems my post regarding the radio club bullying rattled a few cages judging from the feedback I have received.

The clue is in the Tile of this site INDEPENDENT WEB SITE. If the LOCAL REPROBATES SOCIETY do not like me telling it like it is. I have some bad news for them.

I really couldn’t care less what they have ever, or will ever think of me, or my site and absolutely no one is forcing you to visit my site. Why don’t you just grow up and act like adults instead of children in a playground, which would make a pleasant change.

I have zero interest in your unimportant little club? I have better things to do with my life than to have any concern about your failing group. I suggest you get your own house in order, Instead of doing everything you can to deflect attention away from yourselves. Because I have to tell you it is having the reverse effect and putting yourselves under the spotlight. so that people can see you for exactly what you are.

I believe any good reputation that you may have once have had, is I think now history and the only people to be blamed for that is yourselves, because of the lack of tolerance and way you have behave towards anyone who does not share your views.

my response from more nonsense from this waste of air club

I would also point out that I couldn’t care less if what I have posted here upset this club’s administration. You can not disprove anything I have posted and nothing you can say or do will make me retract what I have posted here. Indeed you are raising the stakes and that is a dangerous game to play. People need to know what a petty minded tin pot dictatorship this club actually is. and I haven’t yet even begun to scratch the surface of what I could post on here if I could be arsed to do so.

I would point out that I was secretary at your now ridiculous narrow minded little club for a while I was privy to a lot more information than you would I guess not be happy to see me post. So if you do  not want people to know to a greater extent of your narrow little minds I would grow up and move on if I was you.

I could publish a lot that I haven’t up till now. I retained a lot of information for my personal records, just in case your administration  decided to play the silly buggers that your administration is now partaking in.

I suggest you do not provoke me or my friends any further, or I may just say screw you and your little club  I will let everyone who is reading this know more of the things I was privy to as secretary. It would seem nothing has changed in your pathetic little minds since I had enough of your one man rules all club and resigned as secretary never to return unless you have a completely new committee rather then a musical chairs committee every year. I have no interest in your club. Or what you get up to unless and until you are under totally new management.